About us

Our business is to create magical moments for our clients. FjordEvents was established in 2006 and offers various boat trips with speedboat/RIB, including teambuilding, events and adventurous experiences in the Stavanger region.



Our fleet

The type of boats we use are called RIB. What is a RIB you say? RIB is short for Rigid Inflatable Boat and is a lightweight, but high-performance boat with a rigid hull joined by side-forming air tubes that are inflated with air. This makes the boat unsinkable as the inflated collar serves as a life jacket. These vessels are stable, fast, light and very seaworthy. They make great tools for exploring the Norwegian fjords.

We use the boats as a fast and fun way to get from Stavanger to the fjords. They also allow us to explore shallow parts of the archipelago and get close up to the hidden gems in the fjord.

Our fleet consists of 6 RIBs. They are built by ASIS Boats and are custom made for the Norwegian conditions – which means they can withstand most of what mother nature has to offer. They all have 12 seats and are mounted with an engine with either 350 HP or 400 HP!

Fjord Cruise
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