About us

Our business is to create magical moments for our clients. FjordEvents was established in 2006 and offers various boat trips with speedboat/RIB, including teambuilding, events and adventurous experiences in the Stavanger region.



Our Captains

Our captains are fully certified along the highest standards from the International Maritime Organization, Norwegian Maritime Authority and highly trained internally to take you and everyone you care about out on a safe and enjoyable excursion to the fjord and back again.

Simon Gundersen


Simon helped his dad build the company from a young age, in the beginning he was only allowed to take the boats out in slow speed to go to the fuel dock and refuel, now he sits at the helm of his family’s company.

Simon is in charge of everything that happens in the office but still spends most of his time out on the fjord, one hand on the wheel, one hand on the throttle and a big smile on his face.

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